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Creativity and style from the Italian Heart


Our Fabrics

Our fabric collection is a fusion of creativity and quality craftsmanship. From silk to cotton, each thread is woven with care and passion. Our printed and plain fabrics represent the pinnacle of Italian textile art, offering a wide range of options to suit every need. Explore the beauty of our fabrics and discover the unique touch of Tedo Stampati.

Dedicated Designs

Our fabrics are not only fine materials but also works of art in themselves. We offer dedicated and customized designs to satisfy the most creative needs. From classic patterns to modern digital creations, we collaborate with artists and designers to create bespoke fabrics that tell unique stories. Discover how your dreams can come to life in our fabrics.





Motivo traforato

Print on Jacquard weave


The Future and Sustainability

We look to the future with a sustainable vision. At Tedo Stampati, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our production. We use eco-friendly technologies and recycled materials to create fabrics that are beautiful not only aesthetically but also ethically. Sustainability is our watchword, and we are constantly working towards a greener and more responsible textile world.

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