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At the forefront of textile art since 1970


The foundation

Founded by Dell'Oca Giancarlo in the 1970s, Tedo Stampati is an internationally renowned textile company based in the picturesque province of Como. With a solid base of experience in the sector, we have established ourselves as pioneers in the production of printed and plain fabrics, bringing together tradition and innovation with skill.

Our Mission

At Tedo Stampati, our main commitment is to exceed our customers' expectations. We are dedicated to satisfying every request related to women's clothing and accessories. Our highly specialized team is passionate about creating exclusive projects, strictly maintaining confidentiality and originality at the heart of each creation.


Excellence in Textile Creation

Within our company, we boast a historical archive that develops in parallel with our growth in the sector. Constantly updated to reflect market trends and the needs of our customers, this archive is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our unique and innovative creations.

Our digital department, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, guarantees a detailed and personalized service, carefully tuned to the requests of our customers. Furthermore, we have established trusted collaborations with the best printing, dyeing and weaving factories in the renowned Como district, ensuring the highest quality in every detail of the production process.

At Tedo Stampati, our love for textile art combines with the precision of technological innovation, bringing to life fabrics that tell unique stories. Discover the inimitable quality and timeless elegance of our printed and plain fabrics, made with passion and perfection.

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